The Visit

Usagi had mixed feelings about these trips. On one hand, it meant spending time with her father, something that she hated doing. Usually he took every minute of the trip to emphasize her many failures. In his eyes, each less than perfect grade, report and effort confirmed his opinion of her inevitable failure. He would dwell on them with any lingering silence.

On the other hand, not many ‘civilians‘ got to go and visit Navy facilities and ships. Regulations even prohibited the children of the ship’s officers. But Norri was different. He was special, and he knew it. He often abused his power and privilege to give him what he wanted; whether that be front row seats at a fight, or things like this.

Bringing his (hopefully) soon to be Naval officer daughter on a tour of a newly commissioned Phoenix class dreadnought.

Usagi walked to a window as Norri marched over to the captain of the mighty warship. She looked at the Cormorant class destroyer that Norri commanded idling in the distance. The smaller ship looked as if it could potentially park itself in one of the missile bays of this beast.

“USAGI!” Norri barked.

Usagi quickly turned and scampered over to her father and the Phoenix’s captain. “Yes sir?”

“This is Commodore Taneli Kimura, the captain of this fine ship. Introduce yourself,” he instructed her.

Usagi nodded and began to extend her hand. “I-”

Usagi’s gesture was quickly met with a rather hard smack to the back of her head.

“That is not how you greet a commanding officer,” Norri growled.

Usagi bit her lip to avoid saying something she would probably regret and quickly saluted the Commodore, who smiled, saluted back, then extended his hand. Usagi hesitated for a moment, then hurriedly shook Kimura’s hand when she noticed Norri preparing to smack her again.

“Very obedient child you have, Captain!” Kimura laughed.

Norri groaned. “Sometimes.”

Kimura patted Usagi on the shoulder. “Well, childhood is when they should be a little disobedient. Let her get it out of her system now,” he laughed.

“I’m not really a child,” Usagi quietly mumbled. “I’ll be sixteen next month.”

Kimura laughed loudly. Norri, for his part, looked as if Usagi had just kicked the Chief Executive of the Navy in the face.

“Fair enough!” Kimura smiled as he took Usagi’s hand and directed her towards a doorway. “While we head to the bridge, tell me about yourself!”

Norri stood at the exit of the airlock, slightly irritated. He found it both strange and annoying that Kimura would just… accept… the girl’s disrespect like that.

However, that wasn’t to be dwelled on now. He had other plans, he acknowledged to himself before rushing to catch up with the pair.

Usagi found the massive ship remarkable. She couldn’t imagine how anyone could destroy something with so much metal – with so many, large missile batteries on it. Something that could instantly appear almost anywhere.

She was sad she couldn’t convince Kimura to get the ship to jump somewhere, as she’d never felt the sensation of cyno-jumping, but he assured her that you really didn’t feel it, any more than you felt gate-jumping.

It was one of two things that disappointed Usagi.

“Commodore,” Usagi softly asked after she was sure she’d put enough space between her and her father. “How come there are so many Amarrians on board?”

Norri looked to Usagi, a scowl on his face.

“We’ve been exchanging officers for several years now for training purposes,” he explained.

Usagi looked to one who was working on what appeared to be an engineering station. “Do they bring…”

“Usagi,” Norri interrupted.

Kimura smiled a bit. “The State bars slavery.” The Commodore leaned back against a wall and shrugged slightly. “The Amarrian exchange officers are allowed to bring their slaves, yes. But there are several restrictions placed on them, including their ability to seek asylum if they so wanted.”

Kimura shrugged again. “They never do.”

Usagi knew enough about how the Matari were forced into compliance on the Amarrian worlds to know why that was. Sure, they would be free, but they would soon die. To her the choice between death and servitude was easy, however, if there was anything her still young life had taught her is that things aren’t as black and white as they seem.

Usagi looked to her father who was still giving her an amazingly hateful look. She nodded and turned back to Kimura. “Thank you, Commodore, for your time and the tour.”

Kimura nodded and saluted Usagi. Usagi returned the salute before shaking the Commodore’s hand. Norri performed the same actions before the pair began to move to the rear of the bridge.

“Oh, Miss Tsukino,” Kimura called out.

Usagi turned around and looked towards Kimura.

“Yes sir?”

“Stern parenting is a sign of love,” he smiled.

Usagi nodded and gave the man the best smile she could fake, before turning back around and following Norri out into the corridor.

“Did you learn anything?” he asked as they walked?

“Yes sir,” Usagi replied. “It’s a beautiful ship. I would love to be able to serve on one some day.”

Norri smirked and shook his head. “They don’t let scrubs on the capitals.”

Usagi just rolled her eyes.

After a bit more walking she began to slow down. “Where are we going?”

“Hmm?” Norri asked.

“This isn’t the way to the airlock.”

Norri chuckled a bit. “With that kind of memory, how do you fail so many tests?”

Usagi stopped walking and looked around. The area where they were appeared to be a storage area foodstuffs and uniforms. There were cargo bays on both sides of her.

Up the corridor a bit, Norri stood there waiting.

“You coming?”

“Where are we going?” she demanded to know.

“I thought you might like to see the torpedoes.”

Usagi eyed Norri suspiciously. She started to move forward when suddenly she was grabbed from behind. A hand quickly covered her mouth, keeping her from yelling out as Norri walked on, turning a corner.

Usagi attempted to fight off the person holding on to her but quickly two other people grabbed a hold of her arms and legs and carried her into one of the cargo rooms and threw her on to a pile of uniforms.

The door slid shut as Usagi screamed.


Usagi’s eyes went wide as a large Brutor man loomed over her. He looked at her for a couple of seconds, his dark green eyes staring into her.

Usagi’s eyes darted to the left as she heard what she recognized as Amarrish.

The Brutor looked towards the voice as well, before slowly attempting to unfasten Usagi’s pants. Usagi quickly dropped out of the state of shock she had slipped into after being grabbed and began to kick and scream again, fighting back against the Brutor.

Amarrish yelling came from both sides of her now, till finally she felt the cold metal press of a handgun to the side of her head.

“Shut up,” a voice demanded in heavily accented Napanii.

Usagi cried as she stopped resisting. The Brutor slowly pulled off Usagi’s pants – being yelled at and kicked once in the process by the unseen accomplices.

The Caldari girl’s scream was inhuman as the slave began to rape her. Usagi continued to cry – turning away once, only to have her head forced back forwards and told, “Look at him! Watch the slave violate you!”

Usagi did watch his face for a moment. Despite that he was raping her – if she had any power to do so at this moment, she would kill him without remorse…

…she felt bad.

The slave was crying as well.

Usagi wasn’t the only one being violated at this moment. Usagi’s eyes darted towards the hand holding the gun. It was dark in the storage room, but there was enough light that she could see that indeed he was wearing a military jacket.

“Why…” she whimpered between sobs.

“They’re not human. They’re animals!” he hissed.

A tear fell from the Brutor’s face and landed on Usagi’s. He had slowed down considerably, and the Amarrians had began yelling at him again. The only word Usagi understood, that was used repeatedly, was ‘vitoc’.

The Brutor clenched his teeth. Usagi again screamed as he became more forceful with her, both his and her crying intensified. Usagi tried in vain to get her arms free, but the slave was at least twice her weight.

Then, a single shot.

Again, Usagi screamed as the Brutor dropped on top of her, a hole in the back of his head.

“We save you from having to carry a mongrel child,” one of the Amarrians said.

Usagi could only stare wide-eyed into the now lifeless eyes of the man who was forced to rape her as several of the ships security officers came rushing in.

“We found him raping the poor child!” one Amarrian told the security officers.

“WE NEED MEDICS!” the guard yelled into his radio.

“I shot him to defend her,” the other explained.

The security officers pulled the dead man off of Usagi. The female of the group, took Usagi’s hand and held it as they waited for the ships medical staff to arrive.

Norri came running in after a moment to see Usagi, bleeding, laying on the pile of uniforms. He quickly dropped down next to her.

“I was looking all over for you.”

Usagi’s eyes moved to Norri.

“Those Matari,” Norri growled, “they cannot be trusted. You should have no sympathy for them.”

Usagi slowly blinked as medics began to look her over.

“They’re animals,” Norri continued.

Usagi continued to watch Norri as he stood up and went to speak with the security officers and the two Amarrian officers before they loaded her on a gurney and taken to the ships medical facility.

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