The Closet

Usagi both moaned and grimaced as her head smacked against the metal wall of the small utility closet. Her Civire lover leaned in and looked at her with concern while running his hand through her hair.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, yeah,” Usagi nodded, kissing him. “Don’t stop.”

The older man smiled, leaned in and began kissing Usagi’s neck as he continued to make love to the much younger Usagi Tsukino. The 19 year-old smiled happily as she wrapped her arms around him; her State War Academy uniform jacket barely hanging on by one sleeve.

“You sure no one saw us come in here?” The man asked.

Usagi groaned. The noise coming out of her resulting from either in pleasure or protest of the question. “I didn’t see anyone,” she mumbled.

The man nodded and looked into Usagi’s piercing blue eyes. “Guess it doesn’t matter,” he smiled. “It’s worth it.”

Usagi grinned back. “Don’t go falling in love with me.”

“Your dad would see that I wouldn’t live long enough for that to happen,” he replied.

Usagi rolled her eyes and allowed a sour expression to cross her lips. “Don’t ruin the moment by mentioning him.”

Usagi’s partner chuckled, then motioned for Usagi to lie down on a desk that was stored in the room. Usagi grinned and did as she was asked as the older man, partially dressed, removed his jacket and moved towards Usagi. Usagi allowed her jacket to slide the rest of the way off her arm, landing in a heap on the cold, metal deck.

Then, interruption.

The door to the room at the State War Academy facility on New Caldari, which had been locked, slid open. A half-dozen State War Academy policemen came barreling into the already crowded room, tripping over each other they were in such a hurry, and grabbed the man who was about to climb on top of Usagi, throwing him to the ground.

Usagi screamed as she rolled off the desk and began to hunt for her uniform.

The policemen were quite brutal as they arrested the man, kicking and whacking him with their batons; some telling him to stand, others telling him to stay on the ground. Usagi scurried around the back of the room and finally managed to find her jacket and her panties. The student clenched her teeth when she realized her uniform pants were trapped; wedged underneath the pile of policemen and her lover. She was less concerned about her attire than she was concerned about the seemingly unnecessary violence being levied upon the other half of her elicit affair, she began yelling at the officers.


“This isn’t your concern,” one of the officers snapped at her.

“The hell it’s not,” Usagi replied as she moved over and attempted to pull one of the officers off the dog pile. In return, the officer shoved Usagi aside, sending her crashing into some cleaning equipment. Frustrated, Usagi quickly stood, and began to move towards him again, when two men who had moved into the doorway got her attention.

“ATTENTION!” one of them yelled.

Usagi knew that voice and immediately stopped in her tracks; snapping to attention. The policemen halted their beating, and pulled the half naked, very bruised man to his feet.

The second man in the doorway, Captain Narji Vorri, stepped in. “Instructor Kalla Tuvanna, you are aware that sexual contact with a cadet is a criminal infraction, are you not?”

“Captain…” Usagi interjected.

“I am not speaking to you, Cadet,” Vorri replied. He eyed Usagi for a moment before asking; “Where are your pants?”

Usagi pointed to where the policemen were. The captain sighed and nodded to one of the police officers who picked up and threw Usagi’s pants at her. She began to put them on as Vorri turned back to Tuvanna.


“Yes sir,” Tuvanna replied. “I am aware.”

“Good then,” Vorri nodded. “That will make your court-martial all the easier on everyone involved.”

“Captain!” Usagi again objected.

“Cadet, again, no one is speaking to you.” Vorri growled.

“I frankly don’t care,” Usagi stated. “Tuvanna and I had a consensual relationship that had nothing to do with school, he is not one of my instructors anymore, and-”

“Cadet, please shut up,” Vorri interrupted. Usagi scowled, but did as she was instructed. “At this point you will be lucky if you don’t end up with expulsion, so take my advice and don’t make things worse.”

Usagi bit her lip and looked to Tuvanna. He nodded to her, silently telling Usagi to comply.

“Take him to detention after you have an AIMED check him out,” Vorri’s assistant ordered the policemen. They saluted and led the still half naked, presumably former instructor out into the hallway. The remaining two State War Academy officers turned to Usagi.

“Cadet, do you even understand why you are here?” Vorri asked.

“Because my father made me, sir,” Usagi replied, some a condescending tone echoing in her answer.

Vorri smirked a bit. “Your father is not the monster you try and make him out to be, Cadet Tsukino. He’s a brilliant military strategist, and an excellent officer. Him ‘making you’ come here was certainly for your benefit.”

Usagi sighed. “Yes, sir, I have been told that. Several times.”

“Your grades are not good, but in several classes you continue to show potential. I would hate to have to expel you, Cadet,” Vorri continued. “These attention seeking stunts you keep pulling are going to eventually twist our arms too far and even your surname will not protect you.”

Usagi shook her head. “Captain, if I was seeking attention, we wouldn’t have been hiding in a storage room.”

“I see.”

Usagi stood there for a moment before realizing that Vorri wanted further clarification. “I am attracted to Kalla, I asked him if he was attracted to me. He was. We decided to have some fun. Obviously I can’t get to the instructor’s barracks and he cannot get to the female cadet’s barracks, so…”

Vorri shook his head in disappointment. “Do you have no regard for the rules are regulations of the Academy?”

“Yes sir, I do.”

“Then why did you ignore them?”

Usagi paused for a moment. “I guess I didn’t think there would be any harm in breaking this one.”

Vorri sighed. “Well, you’re wrong. Tuvanna, assuming the Tribunal judge goes easy on him, is looking at a minimum of five years in prison and will never teach again. He’s married too, you know.”

Usagi blinked.

“Yes. I am sure his wife won’t be too happy with him having sex with a cadet, so she will probably leave him. Then there is all the rumor and innuendo about why the police were taking him down the hall half naked.”

Usagi sighed.

“Then there is you.”

Usagi looked at the Captain.

“You’re suspended for one month.”

Usagi lowered her head.

“LOOK AT THE CAPTAIN,” His assistant barked. Usagi snapped back at attention. Vorri continued.

“For the first week of that you will be restricted to your barracks. As well, we will be notifying your parents the first chance we get. Understood?”

Usagi slowly nodded.

“I didn’t hear you.”

“Yes sir,” Usagi replied.

“Ignoring rules causes chaos and disorder.” Vorri continued. “You cannot have a State – or a world for that matter – without rules, regulations and some sense of structure. If you don’t get that through your head now, you will be destined for failure. Dismissed.”

Usagi saluted the Captain, his assistant, then slowly walked out of the storage room, past the small group of people who had assembled in the hallway, and towards the exit of the primary SWA building.

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