Reunion – #2

((Read Part One, if you haven’t or you forgot, here!))

“What way should you be acting?” Logan asked, his tone slapping Usagi across the face with every syllable uttered.

“Like a damned adult, not some high school drama queen,” she replied, placing her head in her hands.

“Well then come on, Adult Usagi,” Logan smirked. “It’s time to take a walk,” he informed her, turning on his heels and heading for the door.

She didn’t want to go with him. She did want to go with him. She knew she deserved whatever he was going to do, whether that was to tell her that he never wanted to see her again, or worse, tell her that she was right. He didn’t have the ability to love her.

After a couple of moments watching Logan move towards the exit, Usagi slowly stands. It took the redhead a couple of moments to track down the waitress – Usagi assuming she was under a table somewhere… cleaning – she settle her and Logan’s tab  (making a point to not tip the waitress). Once that was done with, Usagi shuffled off towards the doors and after Logan.

Usagi steps out of the bar, looking down the corridor before realizing Logan was just to the left of her, waiting. Logan grinned at her reaction.

“Wouldn’t be nice to walk away from you that far.”

Usagi blushed slightly as she moved next to him. “No. No it wouldn’t.”

Logan nods as the tiny by comparison Usagi looked up at him. “You are still too attractive by half than you should be when you blush. Puts dirty thoughts in my mind,” he said as he slipped away from the exit, walking away from Usagi.

Usagi scurries after Logan, staying about a half step behind him.

‘Do something! Say something! Shoot something! Usagi’s mind ordered. ‘You’re stronger than this. Take control!’

It was a lie. She was not strong. Especially not now. Not today. She’d wanted this reunion to happen. She’d been thinking about him almost constantly while she was away. Finding him, though, was not how she’d expected.

She was not in control. He was. He was hurt, and she didn’t blame him. Despite his incredibly well shaped ass, him walking in front of her was driving her crazy. Like it was some kind of foreshadowing.

Usagi couldn’t take it anymore. Even if it was just for a fleeting second, Usagi felt that she must take control of this situation, lest her last chance to repair the damage done leaves her alone, destroyed in this wretched corridor.

Usagi stepped closer to Logan and started tugging on his sleeve, encouraging him to stop.

Logan looks down to her, slowing to a stop. He resisted the urge to reach out to her hand that was still holding on to the sleeve that barely seemed to fit around his bicep. “Tired of looking at my ass?” he mused.

“No,” Usagi replied truthfully, shaking her head. In fact if there was going to be any bright side to Logan leaving her, it would be that. She pulled Logan towards the wall of a shop that was closed down. She looked, shamefully, at her feet for a moment before raising her arms and putting her hands on each side of his face. Her hands contact with his face sent a chill down her body. The familiar, stubbly texture of his skin, the warmth of his cheeks. Feelings Usagi hasn’t had in months – nay years – burst through her with the power of a thousand rivers crashing through an already fragile dam.

But damn those feelings. Usagi needed to know…

“Do you think I’m worth this?”

“Worth what?” Logan asked arching an eyebrow.

Usagi brings her face up to Logan’s, an act that required her slip up to her tip-toes, bringing her face almost even with his. “This,” she whispered, placing her lips on the side of his mouth.

Logan’s eyes fluttered shut as he instinctively adjusted his head to place her lips on his. His long arms slid down her body and wrapped around her waist. He then twisted and guided her, pinning Usagi between him and the storefront.

Logan pressed against her, almost painfully, pushing her against the wall as they kiss. Usagi lost herself in the kiss. Had she not been artificially held up by both the wall and Logan’s warm, muscular body, she would have fallen to the deck.

It was that moment that Usagi realized exactly what she’d done.

‘You… YOU did to him what you didn’t want him to do to you.’

No… No… Usagi disagreed. She saved herself from being hurt; Logan’s stronger than she is. He’d be okay…

‘You don’t believe that, do you?’

She didn’t. She tried to regain motor control and tightened her grip on Logan’s face. The kiss, though, as suddenly as it started, was over. Logan took an unsteady step backwards; tears forming in the corner of his eyes. He looks down at the deck plating between himself and Usagi.

“What the fuck, Usagi,” he more stated than asked.

‘What the fuck, indeed…’

Tears run down past his eyes before dripping off Logan’s cheeks. His fists, clenching and unclenching with emotion, at his sides. “Of course you are worth it.”

Usagi allows her arms to slide down Logan’s body before she takes his hands in hers. “You’re more important to me than anything,” she attempted to explain.

Logan gives Usagi a half perceived nod. “You have a hell of a way of showing it.”

“I just — like I said, I was… am… scared,” Usagi continued as she rested her head on Logan’s chest; the sound of his lungs and his heartbeat filling her with warmth. “Scared you’ll lose… your…” she paused for a moment, taking in the echoing of his racing heart once more.

“..soul,” she finished. “And become a shell… Like him.”

“Like who?”

Usagi shakes her head. “It doesn’t matter,” she smiled as she slides around Logan, maintaining a grip on one of his hands. “Lead on.”

Logan shakes his head, his eyes rocking up to lock on to hers. “It does matter to me,” he stated, staring down at Usagi, unmoving.

Usagi let out a soft sigh before releasing Logan. She wandered off a couple of meters, inspecting the rather dull and monotone signage in the area, less searching for the words to use than she was searching for the courage to say them.

“Vendrin,” she sighed, before laughing. “I guess you never get over having your first love walk away from you, claiming he’s lost the ability to feel… to be… human.”

“Never did like that guy,” Logan bluntly acknowledged. “Guess it is a good thing I’m not just a better fuck, but also still capable of emotion.”

‘You never did get to fuck Vendrin, did you?’

Usagi scowled. Her mind was starting to piss her off. Fortunately she had a lot of Crash at home. That will teach that pesky, inner Usagi, she assumed.

“Perhaps it wasn’t love – the love he didn’t feel. I did bail on APEX when they needed me,” Usagi laughed. She turned towards Logan, still chuckling. “Perhaps the love I felt was just guilt?”

Usagi starts laughing even harder as she shook her head. “Guilt. Me. Hilarious.”

“Why a problem with guilt?” Logan asked.

“When I was first having problems with the State. When I cared about such things… his acceptance of me into APEX. He took me in knowing I was a criminal — an outcast.” Usagi’s face froze somewhere between sullen and angry.

“He allowed me a chance for redemption.” Usagi went back to the wall of the storefront and leaned against it, face first, and laughed. “Because back then, well, I guess I needed such things.” Usagi quickly turned around and, smiling, looked to Logan.

“He protected me from myself,” she stated before losing her smile. “And I repaid him by walking away.” She smirked a bit at the irony. “What goes around, comes around, huh?”

Logan nodded. “Sometimes in the worst ways possible.”

Usagi continued to smirk as she nodded. “Yup.” The immortal redhead slowly meandered back to within centimeters of Logan. “You know I’m broken. You know I’m barely worth the biomatter it takes to clone me. Do you really want…” she points to herself; “…this?” Usagi’s point shifts between herself and Logan. “This?”

The question hung in the air for a moment before Logan replied, “I don’t think it’s quite as simple as a yes or no question like that, Usagi. But I’m willing to give it a try. Up until you run away again.”

Usagi smiled as she nods. “I can’t promise that I won’t.. but…” Usagi takes Logan’s hand and places it on her cheek. “I can promise that I … will… try..,” she sincerely states before leaning upwards as if she was going to kiss him. Rather, she ends up running her tongue up his cheek.

‘Now you’re in control.’  her mind chuckled. ‘Excellent.’

Logan laughed as he pulled back, wiping Usagi’s slobber off of his face. “Now I know it’s been a while, but you should remember my cheek isn’t what you usually lick.”

Sir, we’re in a public corridor,” Usagi stated, feigning shock at such a suggestion.

“Never stopped you before,” Logan retorted. “Last time I checked, you like all the extra attention you got while getting fucked or on your knees in a public place.” Logan smirked as he starts walking down the corridor. “Such an attention whore.”

After a few steps he begins to speak over his shoulder, his eyes sliding over Usagi’s body. “Besides, we never said we would hop back into each other’s pants so quickly.”

Usagi dismissed Logan’s attempt to establish the ground rules of their reunion. If she wanted him in her pants, he’d be in her pants. Usagi knew in matters like this, she was the one holding all the cards, even if she probably wanted it more than he did.

She’d proven it plenty of times before; many men had died thanks to her sirenesque seduction abilities. Logan would be no different.

Even so, the multiple elixirs and pharmaceuticals that Usagi had consumed over the past sixteen or so hours were starting to brawl with what she just ate. Something she was almost certain wasn’t legally allowed to be consumed as food.

Plus that waitress probably poisoned it.

For now, Usagi was content on simply being a tease, getting home, barfing, and perhaps spending some time with the ‘pain reliever’ that she kept tucked away in her sock drawer.

“Fair enough,” Usagi replied, chuckling. Once Logan’s attention was directed back to the path in front of him, Usagi pulled her tank top over her head, balled it up, and threw it at Logan, striking him in the back of the head with it.

‘Hrm… They keep it about 2 degrees cooler out here than they did in the bar,’ her mind – and body – noted.

“I guess I’ll head home,” Usagi called out. “For now,” she amended, determined to finish what she (but mostly Logan) started at some point in the – very – near future.

Logan quickly spins around, picks up the shirt and seemingly micro jump drives over to Usagi. He wraps one of his arms around her now bare waist, the discarded shirt in the other. His eyes drift across her now bare, and recently upgraded, chest.

“Oh no,” he laughs. “I think now’s a perfect time for a nice, long walk.”

Usagi nods, her eyes moving downwards to the front of Logan’s pants. “You’ve got the walking stick. Lead the way.”

‘You know, ten minutes ago I would be all for this, but seriously, you need to go HOME,’ Usagi’s brain demanded with some rather forceful reinforcement from her stomach.

“Judging by the way you are practically drooling, you think it’s more of a lollipop,” Logan states, pulling Usagi next to him, guiding her in the direction he is walking.

“So why the rush to get back to your quarters?” he asks.

“That may have been your breakfast, but I’ve been drinking all night,” Usagi replied, not quite ready to admit she was about to fill the corridor with the previous day’s ‘delicacies’.

“Poor thing,” Logan smirked. He releases his lock on Usagi, which allows his hand to find Usagi’s backside. He gives it a quick squeeze, followed by a quick, hard spank; the sound echoing through the corridor.


“You can leave if you want to, but this shirt is my property until I see you next,” he informs Usagi, smiling, before nodding to a pair of shocked women walking by, then a man who nearly trips over a bench, his eyes more focused on the topless Usagi than on the task of walking.

“All yours,” Usagi grinned, brushing her hand across the front of Logan’s pants, her regret over eating that dive bar slop intensifying. “I’ve got plenty.”

Usagi steps in front of Logan and leans forward, kissing him; biting his lip slightly as she pulls away. “I’ll see you soon,” she smiles before taking Logan’s free hand and kissing it.

“I promise.”

“Hope so,” Logan nods, appearing to take a quick mental picture of the sight in front of him.

Usagi smiles, waves goodbye to Logan, waves to a few of the onlookers, then more or less skips off in the direction of her apartment, till she was out of Logan’s eyesight.

At that point she ran.


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