Reanimation – TWO

P-GKF5 III – 23 July YC115

Yuji Hiretsukann rubbed his eyes as he leaned back in his less than comfortable desk chair before drinking what was left of the black tea in his mug. After making sure he had gotten every last drop from the cup, the black-haired Caldari man – looking about twenty-six years old – returned his attention to his Neocom and the data being spewed out on the screen.

The look on his face bordered between exhaustion, frustration, and hopelessness. The project he’d been working on nearly exclusively for the past thirteen months had shown some progress.


Not enough though.

“Have you slept yet today, Yuji?” a woman asked from behind him. Yuji turned to see someone who could almost pass herself off as an older, darker haired version of Usagi, pouring more tea into Yuji’s ‘University of Tokkanii’ tankard.

Between the bags under his eyes and the involuntary yawn Yuji let out before he could answer, the young man knew there was no point in lying.

“No mother,” he replied, nodding a thanks for the tea. “I will go to bed once this simulation completes, though.”

His mother, Miharu Hiretsukann smiled softly and nodded. She glanced at the screen for a moment and started to turn away, but stopped and started to speak to her son without actually turning back to him.

“At some point you’re going to have to acknowledge that she’s dead.”

“They are immortal, mother,” Yuji stated, sipping on the tea as he watched the data continue to flow across the screen.

“They do not die.”

Miharu sighed. “There is no such thing as true immortality.”

Yuji turned slightly in his chair towards his mother. “How can you be so blasé about your daughter’s ‘death’? Why do you want me to stop trying to save her?”

Miharu refused to turn and face Yuji. “The way she lived her life… I’ve been preparing for this for a very long time. You may be trying to perform a miracle, but to me, that she lived for 34 years is, in fact, a miracle in and of itself.”

Miharu walked off before Yuji could say anything else. Yuji simply turned back to his computer screen and continued to watch, grumbling every time he saw the word ‘error’ pass by.

A bit over one year ago, shortly before his sister died on an Intaki station, Yuji graduated from a Provincial college with what would be, in any of the CONCORD aligned empires, a doctorate in cybernetics, with a minor in neuropathology. He’d become interested in the field when Usagi tested eligible for the cybernetic technology to become pod pilot.

Unfortunately Yuji did not have the same genetic makeup as Usagi – the siblings having different fathers – and ended up not being able to support the Jovian technology. Regardless, it still fascinated him. The idea of immortality. Jump cloning. Everything about it.

And now there was the idea he could save his sister, even fourteen months after her death certificate was signed.

“Simulation complete,” the computer stated. “Reconstruction matrix able to repair 91.06 percent of neuroscan.”

“Damn,” Yuji growled. 91 percent of Usagi was not enough.

He he knew what he could use to fix the issue, but he didn’t know how he could get what he needed to fix the issue.

That, however, would be a problem for tomorrow he acknowledged as he shut down his Neocom and headed off to bed.

6 September YC115

If there was no question that Usagi got her looks from her mother, then there was certainly no question that she got her red hair, blue eyes, and height (or lack there of) from her father. Toi Hiretsukann had it all; both his hair and his neatly trimmed Van Dyke were fire-red, his eyes blue as the oceans and unless you had children in the room, he was likely the shortest one there.

Not that it mattered. Unless you were someone in the Gurista upper echelon, no one would dare comment on it. He was a kingpin, commanding some 15,000 smugglers. His status, wealth, and quite frankly the way he carried himself made his 167cms irrelevant.

Hugging his 189cm adopted son was a sight, but he didn’t care. Unlike Miharu, Toi fully supported the efforts to reanimate Usagi. Usagi was HIS daughter. HIS only child. Despite that she still held a grudge for what she felt was his abandonment and the torture she endured at the hands of her presumed father in the State, he loved her.

He wanted her back.

“You called for a hacker?” Toi smiled to Yuji as he motioned to a young woman standing just behind him.

Yuji nodded. “Yes,” Yuji smiled as he stepped up and shook the woman’s hand.

“This is Kiira Cato,” Toi said. “Best hacker I have.”

“What’s the job?” she asked, stepping forward.

“My sister has jump clone contracts with Home Guard,” Yuji explained. “However the State has forbidden them from releasing data files because the State considers her a seditionist and a traitor.”

“So I need to hack into the Home Guard Cybernetics Division and steal her files?” Kiira asked.

Yuji nodded. “Between those files and what I have compiled so far, I should be able to build a complete data file and reanimate her.”

“Hmm,” Kiira mumbled. “Well, I’ve broken into the Navy plenty of times, so Home Guard shouldn’t be hard.”

Yuji cocked his head slightly. “If you can get access to the Navy easily, then that’s even better. She also has contracts with them.” He laughed a bit. “I just suggested Home Guard as I thought that would be easier for you.”

Kiira smiled to Yuji as Toi laughed. “Son, we know more about Navy fleet movements than most of the Navy does.”

Yuji smirked as Kiira went to work on the Neocom.

1 November YC115

Yuji continued to watch the screen with cautious optimism. He’d yet to see the word ‘error’ and the simulation was nearly complete.

It was interesting to him how much harder it was for Kiira to hack into the Cybernetics division of the Navy than it was their Fleet and Logistics divisions. Of course he realized capsuleers invest billions upon billions of ISK in their clones, so he assumed the security should be worthy of the money spent.

He just found it funny that it was worth more than the security of the State.

Getting the files wasn’t easy, and they weren’t complete. The State was in the process of deleting them. This forced Kiira to hack Home Guard as well. So now the hope was that between both sets of jump clone files, as well as Usagi’s master file, he would be able to compile a complete file and reanimate his sister.

Hopefully with all of her memories, skills and motor functions intact.

“Simulation complete,” the computer stated. “Reconstruction matrix able to repair 99.97 percent of neuroscan.”

“DAMN IT,” Yuji scowled. He began to check the simulation, determined to find where the missing 0.03 percent was.

“Percentage is within the simulation’s margin of error,” the computer informed him.

Yuji rubbed his chin. Perhaps then the file would compile completely?

“Fuck it,” he said. He powered up some equipment in his lab, typed up some instructions and hit ‘enter’.

“Compiling process started,” the computer stated. “Estimated time to completion, 39 days, six hours, twelve minutes.”

Yuji stood, turned off the lights and left the room, locking the door behind him.

10 December YC115

The lights turned on as the lock on the door to Yuji’s lab deactivated. Yuji walked in, Toi following behind him. Yuji, a relieved look on his face as he saw the lights on the computer farm not blinking, informing him that the system was apparently done processing its task.

He turned on the monitor, but before looking at it, he turned to Toi.

“If this worked, I’ll send it over to the K3JR-J station for cloning.”

“If?” Toi asked.

“There was 0.03 percent of the file missing in the simulation,” Yuji sighed. “But that was within the simulation’s margin of error. I didn’t know what else I could do to improve it, so…”

Toi put a reassuring hand on Yuji’s shoulder and smiled. “You’ve done a great job, son. Regardless, Usagi would be very proud of you for all you’ve done for her.”

Yuji smiled at Toi then slowly turned to look at the screen.

“100 percent,” he mumbled.

Toi grabbed Yuji and hugged him. Yuji bit his lip a bit as he felt a tear roll down his face. “Let… Let me get this sent to the station so we can get her back.”

Toi nodded and let Yuji go so he could finish his work.

K3JR-J VIII – Guristas Assembly Plant :: 11 Dec YC115

In the station’s cloning facility, both Yuji and Toi waited with trepidation for the techs to finish prepping the facility. While they had a few cloning bays ready for capsuleers, this was a special project and needed a bay set up a bit differently.

The intimidating glares from Toi didn’t seem to help any either as they seemed to distract the techs more than it made them work faster.

Regardless, they eventually finished began the cloning process.

“About 45 seconds,” the main tech told the pair.

Yuji nodded as he watched the computer screen for errors and warnings.

“Cloning process complete,” it stated before dumping Usagi and the clone goo to the floor.

Unlike the last time her clone emerged from the monstrous mechanical womb, this time Usagi did move. She coughed and spit out some of the ectoplasm that was in her mouth and attempted to wipe out some that was in her eyes.

“IT WORKED!” Toi happily shouted as the techs took Usagi a towel and a robe.

“Miiksa paanno ni satottaa?” Usagi groaned

Yuji cocked his head slightly. “What did she say?”

Usagi turned her head towards Toi. “JIIFO!!” She tried to stand up, but immediately fell back down, the techs catching her before she hit the metal grating.

“She’s not speaking correctly,” Toi pointed out the obvious with a concerned look on her face.

Yuji shook his head as he walked over to Usagi. “Usagi, can you understand me?”

Usagi nodded. “Juji.”

“Can you stand?”

Usagi tried to stand up again, but again was unable to steady herself; the cloning techs the only thing keeping her from falling.

Yuji shook his head. “Something is terribly wrong,” he stated as he turned to one of the techs. “Get a stretcher in her. We need to get her to the infirmary.”

The tech nodded and allowed Yuji to take his place in holding up Usagi. Yuji looked to her – a rather scared look on his sister’s face – and smiled reassuringly. “Don’t worry, I’ll get things taken care of,” he said, placing his forehead to hers.

“I promise.”

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