One Last Thing

Ending my life in State space was bitter-sweet, but it brought a sense of closure to a life that really wasn’t me, nor someone who I really wanted to be. It also forced me to stop thinking that I could just ‘revert’ back to the Usagi I was if things didn’t work out, and required me to be more forward thinking, which is always a positive.

I realized as I was on my way back to Syndicate that I had not actually closed the book entirely. While I had, in fact, placed all of my space-based assets on the market and sold both of the apartments I owned in Nonni and Isinokka, I had forgotten about our house.

The house that I spend a bit of my childhood in. At least, the part that I can fully remember.

It’s on Sobaseki IV, Kukkawa City. There is a rather large Caldari Navy military installation there, mostly intelligence analysts, which is why we lived there. Mom was a – or rather – was posing as a senior intel analyst. She was able to work from home, which was cool for a little kid growing up as it was nice to have her around.

Less nice to have Norri around, but that’s a different story.

Anyway, before I start rambling, when we were outed, the Navy seized as many of our assets as they could, but apparently Mom had the house laundered through enough layers that the Navy didn’t know about it and told me I could have it.

It’s been sitting empty since she and my brother went to Venal.

I decided to double check with her to make sure that she wouldn’t have any kind of emotional issues with me selling it, and she told me she wouldn’t.

“It’s better someone live in it than no one,” she said. “Plus I am sure you could use the money.”

I’m not exactly sure how much she’s expecting me to sell that house for, but it’s the thought that counts.

I quickly contacted a broker and set everything in motion, but before I could head home, something came over me. I suddenly felt compelled for one last visit.

I caught the next transport to the planet and headed to the older, two story house. The yard and house itself was still in good shape as my mother had paid someone to keep it maintained to make sure the police wouldn’t seize it.

I walked around the back of the house, I suddenly came to a stop at a small rock walkway.

“Still there…” I quietly said to myself. I followed the walkway out to where a large oak tree hovered over me. I looked up at it, then down to the trunk, where there were hash marks dug into it.

“Forty-three,” I quickly counted, quietly. “The number of time I was hit for bringing shame…” I slid to the ground and leaned up against the tree-trunk, looking at the back of the house.

I can remember hundreds of wonderful memories in this house and this city. All with my mother. Unfortunately, I can remember hundreds more violent, painful memories of Norri.

“DSS Brokers.” The voice on the other end of my NEOCOM replied.

“Yes, this is Usagi Hiretsukann. I wish to cancel my earlier transaction.”

“Oh?” The voice replied. “Something we did?”

“No, I have just changed my mind about selling.”

“Oh, well okay. Thank you for your business anyway.”

I disconnected and leaned up against the trunk for a couple of minutes more before heading back to the house. Once there I walked around digging and searching until I found what I was looking for.

Within ten minutes I had the entire house soaked in various accelerants. I lit some papers, and started walking.

It was about after twenty minutes of walking towards the transport station that I began to hear the wailing sirens of emergency vehicles. I turned around; in the distance I could see black smoke billowing up from behind the tree line.

“Caldarin Vaktikun, uaaka.”

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