Once More.

I did something a couple of weeks ago that I wasn’t expecting to do again for a while.

I logged in.The meta in the game has changed; it’s more and more like the subcap, skirmishing, small-gang game that I left a couple of years ago.

I tried to come back about a year or so ago, but RL time constraints and the fact I never saw anyone I knew caused me to drift away again. With that short flirtation with returning, I also tried to renew my passion for storytelling and role-playing in EVE. That’s what generated the ‘Reanimation’ series (which I never bothered to finish due to low traffic, and the aforementioned dropping off the face of the cluster once again).

So now I am back again, and while I  know I cannot spend as much time in-game as I’d like, I do log in. I have also been trying to catch up with all the lore changes and various other robe-and-wizard-hattery that’s changed. So I do hereby declare my intention for Usagi. She will a part of the RP community once again.

As I told someone else, I tend to enjoy ‘playing’ Usagi more than I do playing the game with her. What I mean by that is that my storytelling and meta-gaming with her is a big part of why I’ve never sold her, biomassed her, or any of that other crap. I <3 her. Point? I’m going to do what I can to redevelop her character and reignite this stagnate clump of code called “Reanimated”.

That said, I am unsure if I’ll keep that name, but it’s still somewhat fitting, and not as random as the old one, “Chaotic Dreams”.

Anyway, please expect more from me soon. I plan on republishing some old stories from Chaotic Dreams (and possibly some I didn’t get to publish) before I get anything new going. I don’t expect anyone to come by here daily, just when you see a post from me on Twitter, swing by and check it out. At least then I’ll know I’m not just a rambling mad man writing stories about a fictional terrorist, psychopath, drug using girl.


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