Hiretsukann Bio

Usagi22 April, YC 79. Usagi Kaede Tsukino is born to her mother, Miharu and whom she assumes is her father, Norri, in the Sobaseki system of the Caldari State.

Usagi is immediately born into a privileged life, unlike most Caldari. Both her mother and her father are well-respected officers with the Caldari Navy; Norri the Captain of a Caracal class cruiser – the second ship he had captained in his career, and Miharu, a Commander in the Intelligence division of the Navy.

Her privilege didn’t make her childhood easy, however. Honor was everything to the Tsukino patriarch. An ideal he forced upon Usagi both mentally and physically. Usagi suffered years of both emotional and physical abuse from Norri. “ALL FOR THE STATE!” was the oft quoted reason for the ‘discipline’, however the real reason became clear long after Usagi reached adulthood and Norri was dead.

Usagi was not his child.

He knew this. He knew it from the start, Usagi realized. To make matters worse, the man his wife cheated on him with was an enemy of the state.

A Gurista by the name of Toi Hiretsukann.

Despite being a criminal, scum, someone she should fear and despise, Toi showed Usagi love once the pair finally met up again.

Usagi, eager to rid herself of all memories and association with the man she was forced to call ‘father’ for the majority of her life, took Toi’s name. After Norri’s death, Usagi’s mother and younger brother fled the State to live with Toi.

Since becoming a pod pilot – an immortal – Usagi’s life has been rather… chaotic. Fortunately she has all the time in the world to make things work out the way she’d like for them to.