Usagi hated being late. She prided herself on being punctual and organized, at least when it came to matters of spacecraft and their operations. Her personal life was an entirely different matter, which is why she was so late for the CTA and ended up having to catch up to the Rote Kapelle fleet in her interceptor class Raptor, rather than one of the heavier ships the fleet was comped for.

The redhead was not a fan of frigates. She didn’t like how vulnerable they were, nor did she care for how little damage they inflicted on people. In her mind the only useful frigate was the interceptor and its two uses were either acting as an over sized shuttle, or to tackle people.

Today she wasn’t carrying cargo, so she hoped she’d be able to do the latter.

The fleet was several jumps out from home, but it didn’t take her long to rendezvous with them. Eventually the fleet ended up in Cloud Ring, and Fatal Ascension space. A good fight was had, with the Rote fleet moping up space with the FA heavy ships.

However, sov space has its drawbacks. FA was not going to allow the terrorist incursion to go unanswered. Their nearby jump bridges sprung to life and before they knew it, the Rote gang found themselves camped in a pipe system, with no way to get home.

A call for support was sent back to TXW and a rescue fleet was quickly assembled. As they were en route, the rescue fleet commander decided that he needed eyes on the camp that would be impeding their ingress into YI tac, where the main fleet was holed up.

Usagi, as the only light ship, was tasked with the mission.

“No problem,” Usagi nodded over comms. She could go a billion meters per second, for all intents and purposes. Blowing through a hostile gate camp and getting to a tactical would be child’s play to a seasoned pilot like herself.

Usagi warped the ship to the gate, blazing through space at over 13 AU a second. As she landed, she noticed an FA ship sitting on the outbound side of the gate. She did her best to use the Raptor to give the pilot an obscene gesture before activating the gate’s jump sequence.

On the opposite side was the camp. Usagi smirked slightly before accelerating and burning away from the gate, in the direction of seemingly nowhere. She laughed to herself, smug in her invincibility as a few of the ships began to lock her.

“What are you going to do?” she asked herself, still laughing. Usagi scrolled down on her overview and selected the star as the celestial she would align to for making her tactical.

However the dizzying speed of the Raptor and her own overconfidence caused her to make a critical error.

Usagi failed to check where the star actually was in relation to the fleet on the gate and where she was now.

Usagi knew there was a major problem when the Raptor sharply turned and began to burn back towards the blob of ships sitting on the gate.

The speed of the ship wasn’t helping matters any. Six and a half kilometers a second will take you anywhere fast. Before Usagi could react, she was inside the waiting points of an Arazu.

“Fuck me,” she sighed as what seemed like both her shield and armor alarms sounded simultaneously, mentally wrestling to twist her ship away from hostile fleet.

It was pointless now anyway. She was in a warp bubble.

The ship exploded around her. Usagi attempted to warp off, despite knowing it wouldn’t work.

It took mere seconds for her pod to be destroyed by the -FA- ships.

Usagi closed her eyes. She didn’t fear death. She knew it was nothing more than an inconvenience that cost her 20 million ISK and the cost of her implants to recover from. None the less, that isn’t to say it didn’t hurt like a son-of-a-bitch.

Especially when explosion damage caused the neurotoxin that usually incapacitated her to vent harmlessly into space, leaving her conscious and aware.

The pod tore apart around her. In seconds the pods tubes ripped from the back of her neck and down her spine, emergency mechanisms severing the connections as the pod broke apart. Decompression lacerated her with bits of her pod, blood pulsing from the lacerations all over her body. The vacuüm of space globulated the spray of dark, arterial blood, the sun turning her blood into a red halo around her. Usagi’s left arm was nearly ripped from it’s socket; her right, broken in several places. One of her legs was flash burnt nearly beyond what you would recognize as a human’s, the rest of her body feeling what could best be described as a slight cooling as the pod fluid evaporated suddenly.

Through those scant seconds she remained conscious. Unable to scream as the vacuüm pulled the oxygen forcefully from her.

Usagi would be dead in a few seconds. With her pod destroyed and her link severed, her new clone was likely already activated. She found a bit of solace in that.

What would hurt most of all is knowing that the new Usagi might remember what this – what THIS – was like. ‘If she remembers, she might not want to do it anymore…’

Darkness and shock overtook her. A small ship darted towards her. Usagi caught the speck of movement, and managed a small, dry grin.

‘I collect the bodies too,’ she thought as her vision descended into blackness.

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